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Someone wise said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. To build complex things, one must not get lost in the details. That is why we find simplicity important in all our processes.



We live on a beautiful planet, which is itself a living organism. We treat all living organisms with respect, and therefore, all new things we make shall not put them in danger. Sustainable development is especially important with the hardware products we are designing.

Human Context


Technology is an awesome field, helping us to improve the way we live. When inventing or innovating, one can get carried away by technological advances only for the sake of pushing the frontiers. It is important to consider how our inventions connect with the needs of people and their environment to prevent unnecessary or dangerous efforts.

Our lifelong passion is to understand, master, and improve your deep-tech challenges. Members of our team have not only an impressive track record of successfully executed projects but are constantly honing their skills to keep up with the latest changes in the world of technology.

We are a deep-tech consulting company



Miro Svetlik

Founder and CEO

Miro Svetlik

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, creative thinker, transhumanist, and inventor of robots His career path has taken him from high-profile projects for EU institutions and big corporations to funding his own company.

Irfan Bilaloglu


Irfan Bilaloglu

Chief Technical Officer

AI expert and electronic engineer who discovered his life passion for programming when he was 13 He experiments non-stop with cutting-edge technology in machine learning, generative art, algorithms, life-helper bots, and robots. In his free time, he enjoys diving and traveling.

Branislav Halat


Branislav Halat

Chief Production Officer

His long-term experience goes back to high-profile projects in IT security and global architecture at big corporations. Ultimately, he specializes in mechanical engineering, prototyping, and 3D manufacturing. He is also very well-versed in material science and manufacturing process innovations.

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