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We have put many hours of work into design, programming, and testing to bring you a compact automation board. SDK is available on our WIKI.


What is Mabor V1.0?

a versatile motion-control board built around the Gigadevice RISC-V microcontrollers

Mabor V1.0

EUR 280.00




RISC-V is an open standard instruction set architecture based on established reduced instruction set computer principles. Unlike most other ISA designs, RISC-V is provided under royalty-free open-source licenses (Wikipedia)

Mabor V1.0

EUR 280.00

Machine Automation Board On RISC-V

  • MCU

    • 2 x Gigadevice GD32VF103CBT6

  • Interface

    • UART Serial Console​

  • Output

    • 4 x Servo (6-8.4V)

    • 4 x DC Motor 

    • 4 x Stepper

    • RGB LED Strip

    • PWM output

  • Input

    • 12-24V DC power

    • 12 x binary input​

    • 2 x analog distance sensor

    • TOF distance sensor


4X DRV8872 DC Motor Drivers

Master/Slave operation mode

USB-C Port

Servo voltage setting

Dual Risc-V MCU

SD Card



Probably one of the most difficult parts of using microcontrollers is programming. Well, we've got you covered; our board accepts programs in simple JSON format. Yes, that is right; you just save a bunch of text commands in a file on your SD card, and you are up and running. No lengthy compilations or figuring out which interrupt you have to use. This makes for really fast and easy prototyping or even a final solution. Our Visual Editor is at

Easy programming


To ensure high precision, we are employing two Gigadevice MCUs to provide the ability to execute two independent threads without sacrificing accuracy. Both MCUs are passively cooled.

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